Is Volunia crawling the web?

Is Volunia crawling the web?

Are Volunia bots crawling the web? The answer should obviously be… “yes”. But, actually, they don’t seem to be doing their work. Have a look:

This graph is showing the number of search results returned for some common keywords in the last 2 days. I’ve set my Search Language to “Italian and English” and the SafeSearch Filter to “Medium”. This is the data table:

The number of results returned for those keywords has slightly changed. How is this possible?

If you look more carefully at that table, you’ll notice that the number of results isn’t actually changing at all. It seems that my searches are run against 2 different versions of the indexes (look at the number of results for “snow”: it’s 1618056 on 10th February, then it becomes 1583862 in the 11th February morning and then back to 1618056 in the afternoon).

A search for “vada a bordo cazzo”, well-known De Falco‘s exclamation, will result in… no results if you use the double quotes, and some porn sites if you don’t use them. Wow! A little outdated index, isn’t it?

Is VoluniaBot taking a break?

UPDATE 20:45 13/02/2012: Yes, Voluniabot did woke up (in the last 10 hours). Look at this graph:

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