Volunia: a quick update

Volunia: a quick update

This i just a (very) quick update about my tests on Volunia: yesterday I focused on network activity and front end configuration, so that i’ve tried to focus today’s tests on search results and common gui errors.

The first thing i’ve noticed: searches are quickly improving. There are many more results, and Volunia’s team has reported that web indexing has been made quicker. In order to “measure” the index growth, i’ve decided to create a table and a graph where i’ll periodically report the number of results shown for some test words. I’ll speak about this in the next days. Well, don’t expect Google-level results in 2 days, but… It’s improving.

I’m a bit concerned about slowness. Searching for “I’m just trying to stress you” takes more that 8 seconds (and the sistem is not yet under heavy loads). But that’s not the worst point. Searching for those words, will lead to this results page:

Can you see that HTML encoding error?

Something similar happens if you search ” “Giorgio Bonfiglio” ” (yes, this time with the double quotes): Volunia will show only one result.

Now, let’s try to click on that “repeat the search with…” link. This is the result:

That’s terrible. It’s not just about an HTML encoding error: Volunia is showing results matching on… that error! Moreover, look at the third result: is Volunia really showing as third result a page where the only matching item is a first name?

2 thoughts on “Volunia: a quick update

  1. per curiosità prova a cercare il mio blog con la seguente parola chiave: degans. Come risultato c’è sempre il seguente errore: “Il servizio sta riscontrando dei problemi. Per favore riprova più tardi.”
    Può essere che i microformati di schema.org rendano impossibile la ricerca?

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